3 Laser Cutting Machine Myths to Ignore

December 2021

There are a surprisingly high number of laser cutting machine myths out there, all of them untrue. As the usage of these machines increases around the world many misconceptions arise. These are the myths you can ignore.

There are a surprisingly high number of laser cutting machine myths out there, all of them untrue. As the usage of these machines increases around the world, in a huge diversity of industries from automotive to aerospace, many misconceptions arise. These stem from those who have limited experience or expertise on how laser cutters work. They also arise from a lack of understanding of the advantages the machines offer. To debunk these myths, we’ve put together a list of the most common laser cutting machine misconceptions.

Laser Cutting Machine Myths & Misconceptions

Here are just a few of the laser cutting machine myths and misconceptions to avoid.

1/ They are difficult to operate.

Although they may seem highly complex, these machines are far easier to operate than it seems. Constant advancements in technology and the rise of automation has led to sophisticated, user-friendly machines that are far simpler than mechanical cutting systems. Lasers are programmed using simple programming systems. They can then be used to cut patterns with the help of CAD files or drawings. The cut depth and other variables can also be easily adjusted as the laser power is altered. Many can even self-adjust to suit material type and thickness.

2/ They are dangerous to use.

Despite the fact that lasers do not use blades or other open parts like mechanical cutting systems, there is still a lot of concern over safety. Some are concerned about fire risks. In reality, the likelihood of this is minimal, due to the fact that lasers produce very little heat during cutting. Safety measures such as eye protection are still used, however, lasers are far safer than other tools as they are programmed to avoid potential issues.

3/ They can cut through any material.

Although laser cutters can cut through a wide range of materials, from steel and aluminium to plastics, they may not always be the ideal choice for every type of material. They may not always be able to cut through very thick materials, either. Typically, these machines can cut through stainless steel and aluminium of up to 3/4 inch, and steel of up to 1 inch. Material that is thicker than this may not be cut cleanly or smoothly.The better the laser machine, the better the cut.

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