ByStar Fiber - Now With an Output Up to 15 kW

ByStar Fiber - Now With an Output Up to 15 kW
Bystar Fiber

Now with a new output of 15kW, the ByStar Fiber is able to cut through steel, aluminium and stainless steel with a thickness of 50mm. This laser can also cut through brass and copper with speed and precision. Functions such as BeamShaper add even more versatility for thicker metals, ensuring smooth cuts and higher speeds in thicker carbon steels. Thanks to the wide range of materials and extended power, this tool offers expanded production capabilities for sheet metal processing. Operations can be done with ByVision Cutting control on a touch screen that makes the ByStar Fibre interface as simple to use as a smartphone or tablet.

Key ByStar Fiber Features

The ByStar Fiber laser cutter now has an extended output of 15kW, ensuring a powerful tool for sheet metal fabricators. Bystronic’s innovative laser cutting machines deliver a range of features that set it miles apart from its competitors. Key features include:

  • Flexibility. This cutter can be used on various metals, metal thicknesses, orders and project sizes.

  • Cost-effectiveness. High productivity is ensured with a minimal cost per part.

  • BeamShaper. This optional feature is used to adjust lasers for superior edge quality for thicker steel.

  • Speed. With laser power of up to 15kW, cutting is high-speed to ensure better productivity across a range of projects.

  • Usability. Thanks to its large, intuitive touch screen control interface, this cutter can be used easily.

  • Automation. A selection of automation options adds even more value and reliability, reducing the need for manned operations throughout production.

At Bystronic, our goal is to deliver the best laser cutting solutions to produce the best results. With branches across the globe, we have built a reputation based on our innovative products, service excellence and range of services designed to add even more value to our customers. Contact us today for more information on the Bystronic ByStar Fiber laser cutter and how it can help your production capabilities.

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