Commonly Asked Laser Cutting Questions

Commonly Asked Laser Cutting Questions

December 2021

In this guide, we’re getting back to basics with some of the most commonly asked laser cutting questions. Read more on our blog.

In this guide, we’re getting back to basics with some of the most commonly asked laser cutting questions. From how laser cutting machines work to the materials used with these machines and the industries and applications using the machines, there are a number of questions that outline the usage of laser cutting machines. Keep reading to get the answers to these frequently asked questions.

Laser Cutting Questions Answered

Some of the most common questions that are typically asked about laser cutting systems and processes include the following.

How do laser cutting machines work?

How do laser machines work, exactly? These machines use an extremely high-powered, focused laser to cut through various materials. Materials that can be cut with lasers range from stainless steel to steel, aluminium, brass, copper, and plastics. Laser cutters run the laser beam through material, creating a smooth, precise, clean hole. In some cases, a pulse laser beam is used. This creates cuts as the beam pulses. In other cases, a continuous wave is used, with the beam focused on the material as it cuts.

How do they compare to other cutting processes?

Compared to other cutting processes, laser cutters have a few unique benefits. One of the biggest advantages is the energy-efficiency. The machines use far less power than other systems. Accuracy and precision are other major advantages, ensuring exact, consistent cuts. The machines are also safe to operate, with lasers closed in secured lightboxes and no safety risk posed by free-running blades or other cutting parts.

What are the most common applications?

Laser cutters are used in a huge diversity of industries and applications. They are used to create parts for the automotive industry, which requires extremely precise manufacturing. Other industries that typically use these machines include aerospace, medical manufacturing, electronics, and original equipment manufacturing.

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